• Not for Profit

Not for Profit

BDO's non-governmental organizations team comprises a group of highly qualified professionals, trained in the field of development and cooperation, in close collaboration with public administrations, companies, foundations and associations with a consolidated experience of more than twenty years, that provide global advice and provide effective solutions in everything related to development, cooperation and social action.

BDO promotes the improvement of the processes and methods of functioning of non-governmental organizations in a context in which organizations are required to combine voluntary actions, with professionalism and efficiency in these actions, as well as the quality of the help on the ground measured in terms of impact to the beneficiaries.

BDO offers advice to private companies and public bodies in all phases of the social project cycle.

Our services

  • Design of bases and initial appraisal of projects
  • Identification of field projects and development of baselines
  • Formulation of projects for implementation
  • Organization, execution and integral management of undertakings, projects and programs
  • Technical evaluation of projects, programs and major undertakings
  • Review of supporting accounts
  • External Audit

As well as ongoing advice:

  • Training of human resources in the framework of interventions
  • Formulation of Operative Plans and integral design of major undertakings
  • Institutional strengthening and optimization of resources
  • Viability studies
  • Strategic planning