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The IT Consulting and Innovation area, through the combination of business advisory capabilities with the implementation of technological platforms, develops specific products for markets according to their business size, sector and process.

We collaborate with our clients in digital transformation from a technological perspective. Understanding technology as an enabler of change. We provide a comprehension of the map of technologies available on the market that best suit our clients and we advise on the best combination of solutions, design and implement them, covering the entire cycle of the client's needs.

In the IT Consulting area, we have structured a framework of alliances with partners to propose integral solutions. We have the capacity to implement different technologies, both in the field of business applications (ERP, CRM, CMS, etc.) and in digital transformation (service strategy, systems plans, etc.) and decision-making (data analytics, evaluation of platforms and service models, governance, etc.).

Definition of the axes of IT Consulting technological services

1.- Digital strategy: When undertaking a digital strategy, the most important thing is to establish the levels you want to reach, how long you want to achieve it in and what you are willing to invest in order to do so. Following these guidelines, BDO defines the levers to take this digital strategy to a successful case:

  • Digital transformation plans for companies.
  • Systems plans.
  • Selection of technological tools and platforms (benchmarking).
  • Definition of technological and governance plans.
  • Framework for action with technology suppliers and partners.
  • IT due diligence.

2.- Business applications and integration: In the IT Consulting area, we propose that in order to tackle the change of a business platform, tools such as ERP, CRM, ecommerce, HR, CMS, WMS, TMS, etc. should be used as integrating platforms for digitalisation. These platforms, with extensive technological and functional validation, facilitate, with a low development burden, the completion of business processes and continuous improvement in the face of constant changes in business needs.

  • Integration of business applications.
  • Implementation of sectorial and operational process tools.
  • Design in the automation and integration of technological solutions (BPM, Document Manager, mobility, IoT, etc.).

3.- Service management: PMO, software quality and support: In a digital transformation we must have governance, control and monitoring mechanisms to ensure the success of the proposed objectives. In the IT Consulting area of BDO we offer our team of experts in IT governance definition services as well as in its management and control, combining the most appropriate methodological tools for the degree of maturity required and the level of compliance desired by our clients.

  • IT governance.
  • Project management.
  • Software quality.
  • Support and maintenance.

4.- Data Analytics: Definition of operational models with the help of algorithms and definition of criteria for the implementation of analytical tools (for reporting or data extraction). The following modular service levels show the path we recommend in the IT Consulting area for our experience in analysing your data and achieving a highly optimised decision-making capability.

  • Data management: normalisation and standardisation of data throughout the company.
  • Data analysis: study of the data to make it usable for the business.
  • Predictive analytics: establish learning patterns for improved analysis.
  • Prescriptive analysis: controlled learning processes (machine learning).

5.- Strategic assessment of platforms and service models: Architecture and systems evaluations, carrying out a preliminary diagnostic test based on the current existing architecture, followed by an evaluation of the architecture map aligned with business needs. The key levers of this assessment are the following:

  • Evaluation and selection of technological platforms.
  • Evaluation of Cloud migration strategies.
  • Design of hybrid models, hosting, SaaS or Cloud.
  • Support to the CIO in architecture decisions.

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