• Risk & Advisory Services

Risk & Advisory Services

Markets and companies are immersed in settings that are increasingly complex and ever-changing. There are new, dynamic risks that threaten the achievement of the strategic objectives of companies. Moreover, stakeholders or interest groups require more information, transparency, and good corporate governance. In this context, the collaboration of experts is becoming increasingly necessary to comprehensively manage the risks that companies face in order to protect and improve the value of their brand and the efficiency of their business.

We must also not forget that the sophistication of technological environments, the increase in the risk of fraud, regulatory pressure and the need to reduce costs and optimize control tasks make it essential to have fully trained specialists who manage and control the main risks of the company.

Therefore, from BDO and its department of Risk & Advisory Services, we offer our services in the scope of internal audit, control and risk management, regulatory compliance and good governance, the objectives of which are:

  • To insure and reduce your risks.
  • To establish efficient and effective control with reasonable costs.
  • To collaborate in the carrying out of Internal Audit tasks.
  • To ensure Regulatory Compliance and Good Corporate Governance.
  • To improve the process efficiency and control.